A love story like none other!

Well, where do I begin.

I guess it all started on the dance floor for me, when I was kid getting into harlem shake battles…And today the world has truly blossomed in mind, intent free.. notes and melodies, created in harmony… Intent expressed as abundance, new music the momentum of the wind..

I have now been travelling for 10 years and a few months, and the beauty of travel, is intents expression. I picked up my first guitar about 7 years ago, was in Australia and found a lifelong companion. My first baby, yep! I named ‘it’ too Sabrina… Expression! The beauty or rolling hills, a streams flow, trees blowing in the wind.

One would be surprised, a few years after I picked up my first guitar, and found a new hand to express.. A new measure for my intent to create…life has truly blossomed since then

The world expresses… human beings have the same intent, sometimes cluttered with definitions…Sometimes cluttered with chords and scales… its only when one lets go, and just is… when one truly expresses who they are. Over the years, I’ve picked up guitar and am a professional author today and I gotta say their isn’t anything more fulfilling than expressing freedom on paper…

Maybe expressing freedom on guitar is just as lovely, its hard to say…I started off learning rock songs.. I grew up on hip hop so as soon as I knew enough, started making my own melodies…

Today its been 7 years since I picked up my first baby girl, and play and arrange my own music, in the classical genre.

I plan on learning Chello, and eventually will make a symphony.

Progression! If you’re reading this thats what its all about… Life is too abundant to not do what you want. Whatever profession or endeavour you take, see it to the end!

Freedom, development, progression…truly be who you are!

– As told by Samarth Acharya


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