Age no bar for kathak!

I never thought I would one day be writing about this little fervor I had been harbouring inside me all my life.

As a young ambitious professional in the field of design and architecture, life took me from Mumbai to London, from academics to an international professional career; starting as a young couple after marrying the friend I fell in love with to having two wonderful girls, life was all that we had dreamt about, worked hard for and one that anyone would wish for.

my-supportI am a Business owner, a Facilities & Design Consultant, a partner, a wife, a mother – with so many measurable tasks on hand; why on this earth would I choose to invest my valuable time, my diminishing energy into a dance form like Kathak?

To begin with, for once in life there were no obvious outcomes, expectations and pressure from something that I would pursue. Following our big ambitions and in the pursuit of achieving it, we sometimes tend to forget those modest dreams, the simple little desires our heart did seek once upon a time.

Moreover, Kathak for me is not just a dance form but it is more of a connection to Indian art, history, artists, music, mythology. It transports me to those places, the times, the people and the stories. Kathak lets you learn, relive and replay these.

When I first started learning six years ago, my younger daughter was just 5 months old. But I have been fortunate to find a Guru who knows my limitations – I am a woman with the woes of someone nearing 40, I have a business to run, I have a household, a family to manage, a world to answer to and yet he is adamant that I also have a dream to pursue.

Over the years, Kathak has given back more to me than I have to it. It has given me wonderful moments to share with both my daughters, with whom I learn Kathak. Learning does make you modest; I can vouch for it with my experience of appearing for Kathak Visharad exams for 6 hours with kids 20 years younger to me. Above all else, it made me believe that if your loved ones put faith in you, the way my husband help me sustain this escapade, then there are no questions or no one in the world you need to answer to.

Still being a dot in the beautiful larger than life art piece, I have a long way to explore all that this art form beholds. I wish to, in some way bring the work being created from all around the world in this form of Indian classical dance as well as contemporary Kathak to the future generation.

And well, someday when the world tells me I have done it all, achieved all that I could in my profession, and it’s time to close shops, I will have something to go back to that I also love to do.

– As told by Tanvi Karia


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