Bend it like Darshi!

I was 4 when I first got introduced to gymnastics and yoga. At that age, everything is fun especially if that everything included jumping off the beam or folding like a rubber. What I didn’t know then was that something that I started as fun would become my passion one day, so much so that I would follow it for 14 years and counting!


I remember my first performance at school when I was in 1st standard. I was the youngest in the group and scared to death! My trainer said, “Focus Darshi. Do not think about anybody else’s performance. This is just about you.” My biggest challenge of competing with older and more experienced people over the years is sorted by just this one advice.

Over the last 14 years, I have received many certificates, medals and trophies in this field of Yoga. A few months ago, I got ranked 1st in the state of Gujarat. I have participated in multiple national level championships and plan to participate in the International Yoga championship to be held at Turkey. I’ve had the privilege to showcase my talent to our honourable PM Mr. Narendra Modi and the Guru of all Yoga asans – Baba Ramdev!


I will be honest, being a yogic and gymnast is not easy. I have to follow a strict diet. I do not always find time for late night parties like most others kids my age. A wrong stretch and I can be in pain that’d haunt me for days.


But when I sit back after a hard day of practice, it leaves me with content, self confidence and a constant zeal to get better and better. I have a dream to open my own yoga centre someday so I can guide people again to care for health and help build a healthy India. Yoga has helped me find my vision. I hope it does wonders for you too!

– As told by Darshi Bagadia



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