Doodle Away!


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

– Thomas Merton

That’s exactly how my doodle story began. I’ve always loved making art. The feeling of just picking up a paintbrush and swishing it around on a piece of paper is so enjoyable. But as someone pursuing a course like CA, all I had time for was picking a pen to make notes at class or audit ticks at work. That pen was what led me to doodling.

That pen coupled with a random surface and a little time here and there was all I needed for doodling. I didn’t need a plan. It’s one of those impromptu things – just pick up a marker, add a line here, a circle there, a squiggle through the middle, and you’re done! It always looks good. It always busts stress. It always helps my creative juices flow. And more importantly, it always leaves you smiling.

Armed with just permanent markers, I’ve doodled on my wallet, my external hard drive, my glasses case, old jars and boxes, stress balls, photographs, and lots of phone covers. And of course, there is always a piece of paper lying around! When I said “random surface”, I meant it.

My inspiration comes from all the wonderful artists I follow on Instagram and people around me who appreciate what I make. That is the biggest boost one can get.

In this mundane corporate/exam-filled lives, isn’t it wonderful to sometimes find an escape, experience that absolute joy, even if just for a little while? So, the next time you’re feeling low, stressed or just plain bored, try whipping out those old pens and pencils and doodle away!

– As told by Rewa Pednekar


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