From Fat to Fit!

‘The minute someone tells me I can’t do something, is the moment I just have to do it’


Love for fitness to me came much later in life. I am a CA and while pursuing it and well my whole life before that, I was as you would call it – “a fat child”. I was least bothered about how I looked all through my adolescent years, but a really absurd comment one day changed something within me. Determined as I am by nature, I took it to heart to change things. I went to the gym next to my house and signed up for zumba classes. First class, 15 minutes into it and I fainted. However, I kept pushing and didn’t give up. From zumba and masala bhangra I went onto tougher classes like boot camp and power yoga.

Today, 30 kgs and 2 years later I know I’ve turned my life around. I have fallen in love with myself all over again. The body shaming phase is out and now I am looked upon as an inspiration to many as I have yet another work out session over the weekend.

For someone who couldn’t even walk for 5 minutes without getting breathless to taking breathless spinning classes i’ve come a long way. I started dancing (my first love) almost everyday and took up kick boxing and boot camp too.

I realised that what started as an act to conquer self confidence has ended up in finding a love for self care over time. Working out gives me an adrenalin rush. Like some people drown themselves in alcohol or smoke to relieve their stress, my biggest stress buster is any kind of work out, be it a simple run or a complex power yoga class!

When you see your body changing, every drop of sweat and blood that goes into working out is worth it. It doesn’t matter how busy I am, but I still dance and workout regularly because it’s become a part of me now.

There are millions out there who fight with their bodies on a daily basis. I want them to know that you can get through it.

~ As told by Saachi Saraogi


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