Keys – unlocking music of the mind and soul

“Don’t practice till you get it right, practice till you can’t get it wrong”

Some hobbies just choose us… Maybe keyboard chose me…!

I started learning keyboard when I was 8 years old and for no particular reason as such. All I wanted was to learn music.

A hobby born then, has become one of my best friends ever since. The echo of the simple chords of the keyboard filling up my room when I play it, ignite a passion in me like none other. Sometimes, these sounds are almost a reflection of the peace I feel within. My energy, otherwise hidden deep in my heart, gradually spills out and travels excitedly to the tip of my fingers.

Over the years, I have graduated from basic melodies like “Happy Birthday” to the latest Bollywood and Hollywood hits. I’ve gone from playing the keyboard to playing the harmonium. I’ve moved from playing for others to playing for myself. The best thing about the keyboard is that a more than 500 types of sounds can be played in it including other main instruments like drums, guitar, violin, Piano, Bells etc. making my universe infinite!

The good (or maybe the not so good) thing about being a musician is that you start perceiving music differently. Most people just listen to a song. But when I listen to one, I automatically start generating an instrumental copy of it in my head. Then in no time the keyboard is out, the lights are dimmed and the musician in me takes over. I am confident that some day soon, I shall manage to make an own composition too.

When I first fell in love with keyboard, I knew it was me, I was dying to play it despite all odds/ moods/ tensions/ study or play. I wish you too find such instrument love and let the music flow through you!

~ As told by Bhagyesh Shah



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