The art of making others happy!

Creativity is the reflection of the soul


Art and craft was always an area of my interest since childhood. I used to love decorating things, experimenting with colours and trying different permutation and combination.

Over the years, I have taken creative gifting up. Despite of all odds of college/ studies/ endless MBA projects, I always made it a point to take time out to make handmade gifts for friends and loved ones.

I have graduated from basic greetings to complex gift boxes including series of collages and messages. I have even collaged video messages..!

Why make it manually when we can get so many personalised gifts outside at reasonable rates? The happiness on the faces of friends and family and the shine in their eyes are the answer for hours of hard work and innumerable brainstorming sessions. Besides, the personalised gifts that we get outside can never match “our” personal touch.

Making personalised gifts helps me stay innovative. I am always on a lookout of newer gifting ideas. Simple or complex, surprises are now an inherent part of my personality.

Find a thing that you love, no matter what it is and continue it. You won’t believe how much it gives you back (exponentially) as compared to the hours you put in.

Stay happy and blessed 🙂

~ As told by Riddhi Shah


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