Two wheels and a thousand stories!

They say better safe than sorry; but if you play it too safe, you WILL be sorry. Take Risks! Cherish them!

Riding for me started pretty early on as such. I still remember writing a letter to my parents and departing in the wee hours of a Thursday to Surat for my first ever bike ride. I was barely 19 then and my bike, a 2007 Honda Shine was exactly 6 months old that day. After initial reactions of absolute shock, culminating to anger, it was followed by every threat in the book (including the warning of getting disowned) to prevent me from doing something that crazy again!! Such was my first experience with long bike rides!

Riding gets me a sense of liberation and feeling of being in total control of myself. The oneness with my bike, keeps me conscious, aware and makes me enjoy my journeys the most. Being into ecommerce full time with own start-up, my routine comprises long hours on a chair in front of a screen. Riding helps me get the much needed break from that.

Over the years, biking has taken me to few of the most “cliché” places in India, – the beaches of Goa, the chilly hills of Coorg and even our traffic capital – Bangalore.

While I want to travel the length and breadth of my country and the world someday, I’d rather focus on each quarter mile than planning for the thousands to come, a virtue which now helps me plan my routine and work life too.

The roads are an endless story. Of the many I have, 2 instances are my favourite. On one of my trips to the East Coast of India, as I sat by the coast, a feeling of sheer thrill as well as the serenity engulfed me. I am yet to experience such an amazing emotion again. While returning back from the same trip and 10 hours of constant riding, my friend and I decided to take a break at 3am at a roadside dhaba. We met 4 on duty Indian Army soldiers. Not only where they delighted to meet locals who could speak their native language (Marathi), they also shared their meals and cots with us! Such selflessness is something you only experience on the road I feel. That day I learnt new road rule – One for all and all for one! 🙂

My family, though supportive, is constantly guarded. I have taken a few hard decisions which have not gone down too well initially with them, especially mom. But they have had my back always, and that’s what matters to me. Thus, the one thing I will tell anyone who wishes to ride is that make sure that you have all your safety gear in place and never be stupid. Respect the machine and the roads, they will love you back in more ways than you can imagine!

~ As told by Kunal Shah


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