When dreams catch flight!

whatsapp-image-2016-10-16-at-4-22-15-pm“…..and then I dance and life is high spirited all over again!”

Being alight was always my thing.. maybe that’s why I ended up being an air crew member 😀

Dancing is something that has been an inherent part of my personality ever since I was a child. Being gujju makes me biased towards dance form called Garba.. yeah.. “Ae halo!” is a bigger turn on for me than any other form of music! So much so that despite of being overseas all time, I always plan my holidays to India during the Navratri season.

I am yet to understand what’s the best part about this dance form – its pure traditional touch, the amazing music, the falguni fanatasicm (gujju sunburn as some like to call it), the presence of loving friends dancing along or just the feel of dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

I look forward to Navratri the whole year. I plan my outfits – a mix of traditional and western, list out all places I wish to go to, prepare myself for participation in play-offs and much more. I am a competitive person in general, a virtue which I carry to the playing grounds also. I am always up for winning the best male dancer award and also the best dressed dancer award. This year I managed to win the best dancer award on all 10 days at different places! That was an amazing feeling.


Garba for me is passion. The energy and grace it requires enhances my love for it and has over the years become a part of me. Many would feel that this garba love is all because I am gujju. But that’s not it. It is something which comes from within. It adds sparkle to my life.


To all you folks who love garba.. go down that ground and dance, break the circle, get in and make your own space! Blend the modern steps with old school, meet friends – make new ones, go have that soda after 3-4 hour long sessions of constantly circling to the beats. Don’t let your routine/ corporate lives take away this thunder from you (also explain your non-gujju friends that Garba is a feeling and not just a dance form) :D. For those who don’t know/ like Garba, just grab a gujju friend and join their circle! You’ll understand what I am talking about.

“I’m dancing, with each swirl I take, I alight in the air gracefully to catch a million dreams and safely land on my foot to repeat again. As a turn around 360 degrees I see all happy faces around me, colourful clothes and listen to the beats of folk music which brings along priceless memories. It’s the best feeling in the world”

~ As told by Varun Zaveri

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  1. Dhaval October 16, 2016

    Awesome…inspired ? Keep dancing. Hopefully will get to dance with you one day ?

  2. Lopa shah October 16, 2016

    Congrats varun n really happy got friend who is air Crew n also an awesome garba player proud to be ur friend n I too m crazy lover for garba n want to learn more n more from u n also our garba group all the best for future ??????aeeehallo hallo

  3. Jigar goswami October 18, 2016

    Varun u r the best garba player ever…many congrats for best male this year…keep playnig & feeling us proud by winning such an great prizes…???

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