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Fully digital fixed deposits booking for your customers

The “UPI moment” for fixed deposits. Access multiple providers with a single set of APIs. Build your own custom fixed and recurring deposits.

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India’s favourite investment product

Enable your customers to book fixed deposits without the need to create a separate bank account. Use Setu’s flexible APIs to design delightful, completely digital customer journeys.
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Painless setup

The best commercials. Simple workflows for legal agreements and KYC.

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Standardised tech stack

Simple, uniform set of APIs that let you access fixed deposit products of multiple banks.

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Fastest GTM

Minimal hassle of compliance. Dev-friendly APIs to make go live possible in a few weeks.

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Secure and compliant

Setu is ISO 27001 certified and complies with all bank infosec requirements.

Democratise fixed deposits

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India’s most popular investment product

In 2019, the total value of deposits was more than twice the total amount invested in mutual funds. Over 70% of Indian households have more than 90% of their financial savings in fixed deposits.

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Stable integrations with bank partners

We rigorously test the APIs of our bank and NBFC partners. This irons out all wrinkles and gotchas typically experienced when integrating with APIs of Financial Institutions.

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Strong stakeholder relationships

Setu’s dedicated FD team has strong relationships with our provider partners. We work closely with the Business and IT teams at partner banks and NBFCs, and have developed smooth processes for seamless partner onboarding.

Benefits of Setu’s fixed deposits—
  • One set of APIs to offer FDs via any bank

  • No hassles with compliance, during integration or otherwise

  • Customers need not open a new bank account to book FDs

  • Integrated UPI payment to fund an FD

Work with Setu’s partners

Decide how you’d like your customers to be able to book fixed deposits—enable FDs on your own app or website with standardised APIs across multiple banks—or, offer FD bookings via apps like Google Pay.

How are these fixed deposits different from the ones issued by banks?

Technically, there is no difference between FDs issued via Setu’s integration or via banks. Customers can directly access FDs booked via Setu, through bank portals also.

Moreover, Setu allows businesses to offer deposit products from multiple banks without having to integrate with each one of them.

What role does Setu play here?

Banks are authorised to issue fixed deposits to customers. Setu builds on top of bank infrastructure to aggregate FDs from different banks.

Setu also provides fixed deposit management services—view all issued FDs, check their balances, fetch the latest interest rates, generate deposit certificates and more.

What can I do with this product?

Enable your customers to invest in Fixed Deposits with complete freedom to design the user experience. Expand your coverage of investment instruments—leveraging super fast GTM—by offering FDs from one or multiple banks.