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Hi, I’d like a loan, please.

Indeed, customer!

Provide us with your PAN, please.


Thank you! Hold on while we check your eligibility.

Congrats! Here are some offers for you—

1️⃣ ₹30,000 at 12% interest

2️⃣ ₹50,000 at 16% interest


Great! Share your bank account number, please.


Super! And the IFSC, too.



Excellent! We’ve transferred the funds!

For repayments, we’ll send you UPI collect requests right here!



How it works

End-to-end loan journeys

Cross-sell loan products to your customers. Enable them to start the application today, and finish tomorrow—with no loss of details! Additionally, you can collect EMI payments too.

Apply for a personal loan on WhatsApp

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Start a WhatsApp conversation for a loan application.

On-demand fixed deposits

Let customers create deposits in under five minutes. Check eligibility, collect KYC, allow customisations on the FD. Users can stop and pick up where they left off, without missing a beat.

Book a deposit on WhatsApp

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Create an FD over a WhatsApp conversation.

2-click payments

Stitch seamless payment journeys on WhatsApp to collect overdue EMIs, insurance premiums, rent, recharges, donations and many more.

Charity donations on WhatsApp

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Donate to Akshaya Patra, an NGO that sponsors a school lunch program.