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Let customers find you on PhonePe and make loan repayments on an app they’re familiar with. Go live in just two weeks.

Recharge & Pay Bills








Cable TV

Finance & Taxes


Credit Card






Govt Tax





Piped Gas














Balraj Finance LTD


New Leaf Credit


Click Capital


Red Valley Capital


GKNB Credit




New India Finance


Ample Capital

3445 9459 2372

Paying this bill allows PhonePe to fetch your current and future bills so that you can view and pay them.


New Leaf Credit

Customer Name

Asha Dev

Loan Number



Due date: 14 Aug, 2021

Debit from

PhonePe Wallet / Cashback

Total Balance : ₹0


Acme Bank Ltd

Acme Bank Ltd

UPI logo

Bharat Telecom


Transaction successful

11th October, 2021

Bill paid

New Leaf Credit

Bill Amount


Transaction ID


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Collect on PhonePe
Get paid via PhonePe

Immediate access to over 200 mil PhonePe users. Leverage superior UX, with notifications for customers to pay on time.

Collect anywhere
Reduced compliance

Simplified KYC for on-boarding, no need to be registered as an NBFC to collect loan repayments on PhonePe.

Go live in 48 hours
Go live in a fortnight

Simplified API integration. Get a world class developer-centric experience and start building on Sandbox without any paperwork.

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Go live in 48 hours
Access Notifications and Reports

Get payment notifications, and detailed reports for hassle-free settlements reconciliation. Resolve disputes with quick turn-around times.

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How it works—

More questions about the product? Have a look at our detailed FAQs.

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Take a look at our in-depth documentation and API reference to learn more about Collect UPI.

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Who is a biller?

Billers can register on PhonePe, to collect loans repayments.

A PhonePe biller shows up under the loans category, which allows customers to fetch their loan bills and make payments right on PhonePe.

How is Collect PhonePe different from BBPS BillCollect and Collect UPI DeepLinks?
BBPS BillCollectCollect PhonePeUPI DeepLinks
Collect bill payments from all of BharatCollect EMI payments on PhonePeCollect via UPI payment links
~300 million users200 million+ users125 million+ across all UPI apps
Biller and customer can initiate paymentBiller and customer can initiate paymentOnly merchant can initiate payment
Go live in under a monthGo live in about a weekGo live in 48 hours

What does Setu do?

Setu acts as bridge between PhonePe and Billers, offering simplified integration and compliance, with additional services like reports, notifications and settlements.